New Artist Jamaica Program, Management, and services provided under our courage.

At New Artist Jamaica we strive towards innovation and entrepreneurship as we work closely with our extensive and diverse roster of talented upcoming independent artists. Our mission is to get your music career moving as fast as possible with those who do more than just make music. Let us aid you in creating products that people want to purchase, by being on our program we promote you and your music to the right audience around the globe, all while getting you ready for artistic opportunities to flourish.


In a nutshell, we create opportunities, plain and simple. As, a full-service organization, we push artists to the limelight for success and this success is achieved by housing a strong, savvy and dedicated team around them. Let us be that surrounding team and management company for you.


Propelling your artistry forward takes an entire team of people and we are here to aid you with music promotions, marketing, management, music videos and so much more. 

New Artist Jamaica builds your brand, promotes your music, and showcases you as an artist to reach higher levels. 


Do not hesitate to get in contact today!

Our Services

Our service fee is $80.00 U.S mouthly 

This plan covers

- Recording your songs in the studio

Record has many songs as you need too.

- Artist pictures

Taking professional pictures of artist this includes editing

- Music videos

5 music videos for the year this includes film and video editing.

- Radio airplay

Playing your songs on our radio station here at NAJ Live Radio.

Our radio station is worldwide with over one million listeners.

- New Artist Jamaica business website

The main platform on our website is designed to provide you with your own web page that gives you exposure from the high volume of traffic we receive here at

www.New Artist


- Digital radio interviews

We provide 4 digital radio interviews within the year of being on our program.


- Social media promotions

Promoting your music on social media.


These services also include a yearly stage show, where artists can perform across a wide variety of fans.

All new artist must provide New artist Jamaica with their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram links. Professional pictures, songs, music videos, Your contact name, artist name, bios, the kind of songs you sing, email and phone number. Artists must sign a contract to be on this program.  


This information is to build your profile on our web site. We accept all information via email: or via WhatsApp; 1-343-996-5878.

NOTE: All songs must be in mp3 format 

Promotions Accounts

This is a list of our social media accounts where we promote your music and post info about you has an artist. We also promote our business information and advertisement's on the same accounts.

Instagram accounts:


This account is where we promote your songs adding a small 60-sec dance video or use your music videos.


This account is where we promote our upcoming stage show's event's, ads and past stage shows event's.


This is where we promote all artist's music videos, songs with artwork, new songs, ads of our radio station, any upcoming events, and parties. We also promote our special Sunday's radio plays.  We not only promote our artist's but for many other artist's that are not on our program, it's more like a place we do all business. This is Bossladys main account.



This account is where we promote our radio station called NAJ Live Radio.

Our radio station is online, this is where we mainly promote your music with other music and mixes. The radio stations play on autoplay from Mondays to Sundays 7 days a week all day all night. We have over one million listeners logging on from all over the world daily. On Sundays from 6 pm to 11 pm DJ Bosslady selects the music every Sundays has a Sunday special.  We send out advertising every week for this special radio play. Our radio faceplate is where we post posters, flyers, music videos, ads, pictures, and any info needed, your welcome to send us things to post for you too.

Youtube accounts

New Artist Jamaica

This is where we promote your music videos, all videos made here at New Artist Jamaica.

Soundcloud account

New Artist Jamaica

This is where we will upload your songs to help promote them. If your songs are copy write we will not be able to post them, if they are not we can post them.

Facebook accounts


connected pages:

- @naj_events

This is where we promote everything from your music to events and more.

Itunes account

This is where we upload all your best songs for sale. New Artist Jamaica



Recording Studio 

Doni Music Productions

Star Struck Music Group

16 - 19 Premier Plaza

Kingston Jamaica

In Halfway tree area


Names: Doni & Esco

Tel: 1876 539 9563

Call to book your appointment first.

This studio is provided for the recording time of your songs. They are the only business

we use to have your songs recorded under this program. We do not use anyone else.

Music video's 

50 Shade

Professional Photographer

& video maker

Portmore Jamaica


Names: Marlon

Tel: 1876 328 2417

Call to book your appointment first.

Marlon will provide the best clippings for your music videos. Each artist will receive 5 music video's per year, under our program.


NAJ Accounts 

All artists on our program must open an NAJ Instagram account. It is so we can find all the artist's that are on our program. Also used to set up this account has your professional account for viewers.

Please note that New Artist Jamaica is our program and NAJ RECORDS is our record label they are not the same business.

NOTE: If you are a manager or producer looking for new and upcoming artists to take over, you have come to the right place. We have a selection of artists listed for management inquires.

Please email us at


Tel: 1 343 996-5878


24/7 44/8

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